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Welcome to Amy

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watch her in action

Amy is a musician, artist and minister and wants to love all over you with her work. Hire her to sing at an event, officiate a wedding, or create an original piece of art. She is a creative fountain with a clear purpose: to spread joy while she works!

Have Amy marry you!

She is a fun, fabulous,

heart-opening wedding officiant!

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New CD!

Now available for streaming


Bright, uplifting, fun - art that lights up a room

House of Love & Light

For 3 years, we created powerful Sunday gatherings online! The future is bright, as Amy is now an official New Thought minister and will be traveling all over with her work.


Amy Steinberg is a dynamic performer and newly licensed New Thought minister who rocks the stage with soulful songs, hilarious stories, and spiritual wisdom. Her vibrant personality and uplifting lyrics create an unforgettable blend of pop, rock, and inspiration. With infectious energy, Amy turns every performance into a joyous celebration of life and love, making her a true beacon of positivity and unity.


Amy is the Creatrix of House of Love & Light, an online spiritual community that began at the beginning of quarantine. Deeply involved with the New Thought and Positive Music world, as well as the LGBTQ+ community, she plays at conferences, spiritual centers, venues and festivals all over the country. Amy’s latest recording is her 12th independent CD, “Big Bang Breaks” a powerful collection of uplifting gems.


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